The Law of Attraction

The Secret and Your Creative Potential
The story behind how The Secret was created is a fascinating one. In case you haven't heard, The Secret is the recent and fabulous movie about the Law of Attraction; that is, the natural laws of the universe that are the basis of the life you're living and the life you're creating.

Rhonda Byrne was the key instigator, or rather conscious creator, of The Secret movie. Before I tell you about how she created this hit movie that's spreading like wildfire across the world, I want to tell you a little about the movie itself, mostly to tantalize you into watching it for yourself!

The Law of Attraction
The Secret movie reveals in mostly non-scientific language what the other recent hit movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!? attempted to convey: you are a creator of your own life's circumstances. You'll often hear people say, "you create your reality," but I think this is a misrepresentation of what's really happening. Reality is simply what IS - you neither create nor destroy reality. But, you are a creator of the circumstances of your life.

Another way to put this is that you are responsible for your present circumstances, but what's real (reality) is that you can change your present circumstances. If you're currently poor, you can become rich. If you're rich, you can become poor. If you're alone and lonely, you can surround yourself with loving friends and a deliciously sweet partner.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. What you think about most, you attract to you, in large part because you act on the basis of what you think and believe, and your results follow your actions.

But the Law of Attraction and the message in The Secret go far beyond the catch phrase "you are what you think about," and this is where What the Bleep and quantum physics come into the picture. Through your intention, and then your focus of attention, you will draw to you new thoughts and ideas that are in alignment with your focused attention. When you act on these "inspired" thoughts, you create an energetic chain reaction - something like a rock thrown into a calm lake.

The energy from your thoughts, feelings, and action ripple out into the Universe, and like a magnet draws in like-minded people and circumstances.

This is the real miracle. Resources and help come to you from anywhere and everywhere - like magic.

The Secret movie tells the story of the Law of Attraction through the experiences and teachings of a wide variety of people - some spiritually-based, and some business people. What they say, though, has a common thread - you DO (not "can") create your life circumstances by changing what you think about and through your actions.

Back to the Creation of The Secret
Once you hear Rhonda's story, I hope that you'll reflect on your own experiences to see just how the same kinds of things have happened in your life --- good OR bad.

See, the Law of Attraction works all ways. If what you're most concerned about is pain and suffering, that's what you'll attract. You do this with finding parking spaces, traffic jams when you're running late, and quite a bit of what goes on in your life.

It can be crazy making, can't it?

This brings me back to Rhonda's story, because I want you to understand that conscious creation is a joyful experience. Rather than worry about every little thought, you focus on what you most want, and the rest will take care of itself...along the lines of focusing on the cake you're baking, instead of worrying about each ingredient doing its part.

Rhonda Byrne is a successful film and television producer in Australia. When you buy the DVD for The Secret, you'll get the whole story, but here's the gist of it, paraphrased from the source.

She'd had several traumatic events in her personal and professional life. What's interesting is that this is a common theme for many of the people in the movie, including Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale. In fact, it's part of my story, and that of Jessica LaRock, who is one of the founders of this Universe of Power web site.

There's something about hitting bottom that creates a strong enough desire to figure things out that The Secret of the Law of Attraction makes more readily available. You want to figure out "why" things happen, and when you finally realize that you've been responsible for the life you've created, all heaven breaks loose. It's one of the most freeing experiences...because if you can create a difficult life, then you can certainly create a fantastic life.

Like many of us, Rhonda started with an old book called The Science of Getting Rich, written in the early 20th Century by a guy named Wallace D. Wattles. Funny name, but amazing book (you can get a copy of this e-book free, right here on The Universe of Power website).

Rhonda was so awestruck by the book that she knew her mission was to bring this message to the world. That's a tall order for anyone, but unlike most people, she didn't stop with the idea.

What Rhonda did that was so important was to focus all of her attention on this one dream. She studied, read, and learned everything she could about the Law of Attraction. What she found was a whole world of people who were like-minded. These people included some of the world's greatest scientists, philosophers and authors.

As she started pulling the pieces together, she didn't know how things would happen, only that they would. She believed thoroughly in the power of The Secret (Law of Attraction), and maintained her focus.

Quickly, the people she needed arrived, almost out of thin air. This is how it works when you stay focused, keep your energy up, and stay in inspired action. You have to remember that your present circumstances never define what you can create.

Again, Rhonda Byrne went with her gut and took action, knowing that she'd draw to her what she needed. As Rhonda tells the story, when she arrived in the US to film various speakers, she had only one lined up. Within weeks, she had 52 and counting.

Now, The Secret is being distributed world-wide. Some of the speakers have been on a special two-part series on the Larry King Live show, and on a special episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Oprah knows about and follows the Law of Attraction and The Secret. You'd be hard-pressed to find a successful person who doesn't. Maybe that's why they named the movie "The Secret" - it really has been a secret, up until now.

The Secret movie is good news for you. As wonderful as it is, it's still only a 90-minute movie. They can't possibly tell you everything ABOUT the Law of Attraction, and HOW to make use of this Law in your own life. They didn't have enough time in the length of a feature film.

That's why we've spent so much of OUR time and energy building The Universe of Power website and The Quintessential Guide to Conscious Creation Course. We're focused on helping people discover how to use these principles on a daily basis - getting past hurdles and blocks that are so common, and were experienced by every one those gurus in The Secret movie.

Now that you know WHAT The Secret is...let us show you HOW to use it in your life.

Article by Sid Smith,


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